Experienced Rider

Experienced Rider

$100(plus tax)

Licensing: None. Ottawa Safety Council certificate given upon completion
M2 or M licence (or equivalent). A properly licensed and insured, safe, roadworthy motorcycle.

You are required to bring your own equipment (helmet, jacket, boots, pants, and gloves).

The Experienced Rider Course is intended for those who have some riding experience.  Many riders use it as a refresher course before hitting the open road in the Spring.  The purpose of the course is to give riders a chance to improve their skills on their own motorcycles.  The course is eight-hours long (including a one-hour break). We encourage all riders to return for this course when they have obtained their own motorcycle, or whenever they feel the need for a tune-up.

Sessions will be held in a closed parking lot and you provide your own safety equipment and licensed/insured and mechanically fit motorcycle. There will be a bike inspection prior to the start of the course.

Course topics are:

On Bike Safety Check
Picking Up a Bike
Riding Position and Gear Shifting


Slow Riding – Session 1 (SLALOM)
Straight Line Braking – Session 1
Slow Riding – Session 2 (Circles)
Push Steering – Session 1
Push Steering – Session 2
Front Wheel Skid Simulation
Straight Line Braking – Session 2
Braking in Curves
Braking – Session 3
Collision Avoidance
Start Off from a Full Lock
Riding Circuit Exercises

Course location - General Dynamics