Gearing Up – Introduction

Gearing Up - Introduction

$60(plus tax)

One 3 hour session
Licensing: None
Must be qualified to apply for M1 licence. No licence needed.

Students are required to bring their own equipment (helmet, jacket, boots, pants, and gloves).

Gearing Up – Introduction is the best way to determine whether or not you want to ride a motorcycle. It does not offer any licensing privileges but is perfect for those who haven’t really ridden a motorcycle. The course consists of three hours of hands-on riding instruction and practice out on our range. We’ll teach you about basic motorcycle controls and operations so you’ll get a feel for the ride. The environment is relaxed and supportive to help you decide if riding is for you.

Taking Gearing Up Introduction if you are slightly nervous or have no experience will greatly increase your chance of success if you decide to proceed with the Gearing Up – M1 Exit course.