Gearing Up – M1 Exit

Gearing Up - M1 Exit

$399.99(plus tax)

Canada Safety Council Certificate earned
One 3 hour evening lecture (Wednesday)
2 full days on motorcycles (Saturday & Sunday)
Licensing: Upgrades M1 to M2
Must hold valid M1 licence by the lecture evening. Must not expire on or prior to Sunday session.

Students are required to bring their own equipment (helmet, jacket, boots, pants, and gloves).

Our flagship training program is the Gearing Up – M1 Exit course, a national program developed by the Canada Safety Council. Gearing Up is a recognized safety program under the graduated licensing system of the Ontario Ministry of Transport.

Gearing Up is for novice riders, or riders who need a skills tune-up. Beginners learn to ride and pass their Road Test, while riders with some experience receive coaching to improve skills and knowledge. Riders of all skill levels take the same test.

The course consists of a three-hour interactive classroom safety lecture, a written test, two days of hands-on riding instruction and practice, and a skills test. We provide the motorcycle for your riding, and you get exclusive use of it for the weekend. You must supply your own gear. The course is intensive and requires physical activity. Riding practice takes place rain or shine.

We teach the course over a single calendar week. The safety lecture is on a Wednesday evening and the hands-on riding is all day Saturday and all day Sunday. The skills test takes place at the end of the Sunday afternoon.

If you are unsuccessful during the skills test your instructors will recommend one of two courses of action: retest or retrain.

Retesting involves returning to take the skills test, free of charge, on another day.

Retraining involves retaking the course (practical training only) at a reduced rate.

Your instructor is invested in your success and will recommend the option that will offer you the greatest chance of certification.

First course in April is weather permitting.



  • You will need an M1 licence prior to the start of our M1X course
  • Your M1 licence expires after 90 days! If you want to upgrade your licence to an M2, don’t let your M1 expire.
  • There is a 60 day waiting period after obtaining your M1, before you can upgrade to your M2.
  • You can take our M1X-Gearing Up course prior to the 60 day waiting period with your valid M1.
  • We will update the ministry the results of your testing.
  • If you pass the testing: AFTER 60 days from obtaining your M1, you can go to a DRIVE TEST CENTRE (not a Service Ontario Centre), with a valid piece of ID and they will upgrade your M1 to an M2. Make sure you do this before your M1 expires after 90 days!


More details regarding getting your license from the ministry.

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