M2 Exit

M2 Exit

$480.00(plus tax)

One 3 hour lecture – M2 Exit Preparation
One 3 hour practical training – in parking lot
One full day of training & testing – on public roads


For West courses (schedule shows Tues-Sun), the lecture is Tuesday evening and practical training is Thursday evening. The full day of training & testing is on either Saturday or Sunday – the date will be decided at the lecture. Students must be available for both days, until their date is confirmed.

For East courses (schedule shows Mon-Wed), the lecture is Monday morning and practical training is Monday afternoon (students must bring their bikes on Monday). The full day of training & testing will be on either Tuesday or Wednesday – the date will be decided at the lecture. Students must be available for both days, until their date is confirmed.

Licensing: Upgrades M2 to M

Prerequisites: Valid M2 license, in the 18-month to 5-year window for eligible testing. It is your responsibility to make sure you are eligible. Contact the Ministry if you are unsure.

The M2-Exit course is the final phase of Ontario’s graduated licensing system – your graduation from the M2 to the full M license.

M2-Exit is targeted at experienced riders, who have held an M2 and are eligible to upgrade to a full M. We’ll be riding in active traffic so you should be comfortable with real-world riding on streets and highways.  You are required to provide a motorcycle for the practical and testing portions which is properly licensed, road safe, and insured, as well as riding gear that meets our criteria.

The course consists of the three-hour M2 Exit Preparation lecture, which will guide you through the set-up of the course, examination requirements, and choosing testing days. Following the lecture, you’ll get a three-hour practical session for us to evaluate your skills and suggest areas of possible improvement. The final day is devoted to demonstration and administering the road test.

  • Students must provide a motorcycle that is capable of maintaining 100kph on 400 series highways and have displacement engines greater than 49cc.
  • Students must provide their own motorcycle that is licenced, insured, and in road-worthy condition.
  • Students must provide their own two-wheeled motorcycle. Three-wheeled vehicles are not accepted.
  • Students must agree that they have had their M2 licence for at least 18 months (with prior training) or 22 months (without prior motorcycle training) before the start of the course.
  • It is the students responsibility to ensure that they have proper riding gear (D.O.T. approved helmet, boots that cover the ankles, full coverage gloves with no holes or exposed parts, riding or thick leather jacket, and riding, leather, or thick denim pants).

Failure to meet conditions above may result in the student being rejected from taking the course without refund. Student must agree to terms above before completing registration.

Location - Abbott Point of Care, Parking Lot 1