Motorcycle Courses

  • I took the M-2 Exit course and finished the M test successfully yesterday. The instructor and the demo rider were extremely helpful for all three sessions including the test day. Although I have been riding for close to 5 years, I was amazed at how much I was able to learn from these two gentlemen. They are real pros. The takeaway knowledge of this training was invaluable. Please convey my sincere thanks to both gentlemen.  
    Robert B.

The OSC’s motorcycle training program offers courses for all levels of riders.

For anyone who has never ridden a motorcycle before, please consider our Gearing Up – Introduction and Gearing Up – M1 Exit courses.

For those who have at least a full season of riding experience, our Experienced Rider Course is a great option.

Those exiting the graduated system and who are ready to receive their full M license, by testing with us or the MTO should look at our M2 Exit Preparation Lecture or M2 Exit course.