Meet the OSC Team

Julianne Vogt, B.Sc., MBA, CPA, CMA

Chief Executive Officer

613 238 1513 ext.223

Julie brings over 25 years of business and strategic leadership to the OSC.  Prior to moving back to Canada in 2012, Julie owned and operated the New Hampshire-based company MoneyMatters, an offsite bookkeeping and financial management firm.  Her staff handled everything from the day-to-day bookkeeping tasks to setting and executing financial plans to align with a firm’s strategy.  Known as a turnaround specialist, Julie guided over 35 firms in reaching their peak of corporate effectiveness in order to maximize shareholder wealth by creating long-term sustainability.

She is the President/Founder of Integrisys Communications Group based in Manchester, NH – a communications infrastructure firm specializing in the installation of fiber and other data communications cabling.  Integrisys is going strong with over 15 years in business and remains a pillar in the low-voltage construction industry.

No stranger to the not-for-profit arena (she served as Treasurer and then Board Chair of NH’s Women’s Business Center 2010 – 2012) Julie is excited to be both back in Canada and to be leading the OSC through an exciting period of change as it looks forward to the 2020’s.

Sherry Cashman

Coordinator, Finance and Administration

613 238 1513 ext. 222

Sherry joined the OSC team in January 2012 as a temporary Program Assistant. In her 4 years with the council, she has worn many hats as Coordinator for Children’s Programs, Marketing/Communications, Walking School Bus Pilot, and currently Finance/Administration.

Sherry has more than 20 years of experience working as a bookkeeper and administrator, and is an Algonquin College Continuing Education student working towards an Accounting certificate.

Sherry is the proud mother of a grown daughter and son, and step-mother and “Nan” to her husband Steve’s two daughters and grandchildren. Living in the small country community of Constance Bay, Sherry and her family enjoy snowmobiling in the winter and hitting the beach in the summer.

Erin Welch

Coordinator, Human Resources and Finance

613 238 1513 ext. 231

Erin has been with the Ottawa Safety Council since July 2010. During her 5 years as Finance Administrator, she also performed the duties of Executive Assistant, Adult Crossing Guard Program Coordinator, Motorcycle Program Assistant, and “Home Alone” Instructor. Upon her return from Maternity leave in June 2015, Erin took on the position of Human Resources/Finance Coordinator.

Erin attended Saint Mary’s University and Algonquin College, and is enrolling part-time to finish her degree in Business of Commerce.

Commuting from her home in Casselman, newly married and happy mother and step-mother to three beautiful girls (and a new puppy), Erin leads a happy and busy life!

Corinne Rikkelman

Coordinator, Marketing and Communications

613 238 1513 ext. 229

Corinne is an award-winning graduate of the Creative Communications program at Red River College in Winnipeg, MB. She specializes in copywriting, design, digital media, and brand strategy. Shortly after graduation, she won the $50 000 first place prize for the national “Student’s (Verb) Charities” contest and moved to Ottawa.

Most of her free time is spent as a communications consultant. Her designs have been published in works such as Canadian Geographic, and CBC Manitoba. Whatever time she has left she spends frequenting museums, catching up on the latest tech news, and honing her design skills.

Corinne joined the Ottawa Safety Council as the Marketing/Communications Coordinator early 2015 and is looking forward to helping the organization grow.

Kelly Banks

Manager, School Zone Safety Programs

613 238 1513 ext. 225

Kelly is a passionate and strategic-minded professional, with over 10 years of customer-focused volunteer and project management experience building and supporting sustainable, community-based programs – first with Scouts Canada and now with the Ottawa Safety Council. Kelly strives to exceed the expectations of customers, program participants, volunteers and key stakeholders while making organizations more effective in their mission and mandate. Her greatest passion is Community Engagement and feels programs that unite people in making meaningful contributions towards a common goal are the glue that hold our society together.  In her free time she is engaged on a volunteer basis with a local Fair Trade advocacy group as the Director of Volunteer Coordination.

Kelly is excited to lend her experience and skill set to the School Zone Safety programs at the Ottawa Safety Council, which include the Adult Crossing Guard, Walking School Bus and Pedestrian Safety Education programs, and ensuring that Ottawa’s children get to and from school safely every day!

Virginia Quinn

Coordinator, School Zone Safety Programs

613 238 1513 ext. 227

Virginia attended the University of Victoria in the field of education.  She ran as a School Board Trustee candidate in the 2014 Ottawa city elections for the Orleans district and is a philanthropist with a long-standing dedication to education systems and children’s programs.  With a variety of organizations across the country, including past employment and current association with the Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival, Virginia has proven an accomplished charity and event coordinator.

Virginia is a proud mother of four grown children with a lifetime love for people and animals alike.

Zeke Checroune

Manager, Road Safety Programs

613 238 1513 ext. 221

Zeke joined the OSC in August of 2016. He has recently moved to Ottawa after spending years in Toronto. Originally from Montreal, Zeke also spent eight years living in Boston. He holds a Masters degree from the University of Ottawa in Human Kinetics.

Motorcycling is one of Zeke’s passions, among many others. He stays active in the winter by playing hockey, squash, and snowboarding. During the warmer months, he stays fit by swimming, playing tennis, and making good use of Ottawa’s bike paths along the river.

Zeke is a single father, and by default a naturally amazing cook (based on his son’s critique). He has spent eight years volunteering as a coach in minor hockey and is no stranger to community service. Zeke is a very straight-forward type of person, with an outgoing personality, who has a strong sense for justice and accomplishment. He prefers dark beers and coffee.

Kerry Darlington

Program Assistant

613 238 1513 ext. 230

Kerry is thrilled to join the OSC team!

In this new role she hopes to further the reach of safety in the Ottawa community by aiding all program coordinators anyway she can.

Kerry has been an Instructor for the Gearing Up Motorcycle Training Program for 2 years and is passionate about riders riding well geared and as safely as possible.

Her main hobbies are motorcycling and all things hands on that require a touch of creativity including: beading, knitting, and digital painting, just to name a few.

Kerry shares her life with a menagerie of pets. These include her dogs, birds, fish, and scaly friends.

Drinks of choice: Wheat beer, Cider, Muskoka blueberry or cranberry wine.

Kerry would like to thank her loving companion, friend, husband, for his continued support without which she could never have thought or dreamed to be the person she is today.

Sharalyn Crossfield

Coordinator, Best Fit Program

613 238 1513 ext. 224

Sharalyn Crossfield is a CPSAC Tech-Instructor with over 10yrs experience in the CPS field, possessing specialized training in transport of children with medical and special needs. Founder of The Car Seat Maven, a mobile car seat installation and education service in Toronto, Sharalyn has a vast social media presence, written articles for blogs and parenting magazines, all the while working diligently to help spread education and awareness. As a mom of four kids, her passion comes from keeping her own children safe and flourished into a mission to keep all kids safe, across the country.