Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian Safety Presentations / Présentations sur la sécurité des piétons dans les écoles

Free / Gratuit

We're updating our curriculum and will be back with a new program in the fall!

The Ottawa Safety Council has been delivering exciting, fun, interactive and age-appropriate Children’s Pedestrian Safety Presentations since 2008 with overwhelmingly positive reviews! The City of Ottawa provides funding that allows us to deliver the program for free to students in schools all over the City.  User-groups outside of the schools are welcome to book presentation as well, for a reasonable fee. 

Why Book a Pedestrian Safety Presentation?

As safety educators, we use our passion for safety to deliver safety messages that reflect the changing challenges that face our community’s youth in their daily activities. 

In 2010 there were 30 hit children by cars. We need to educate our youth on how to keep themselves safe. It is the responsibility of the community to give our children the tools, knowledge and skills to prevent injury and allow them live up to their full potential.

Presentations are age-appropriate and geared towards equipping our youth with the tools to keep themselves safe while walking, biking, skateboarding or scootering to school. We provide the tools to encourage healthy, active and SAFE living.  They are available in both French and English and are interactive, use flash-cards, PowerPoint, props, games, songs and a working model of a traffic light!

JK/SK Presentation (25 – 30 minutes)

Lesson Objectives: The objective of this lesson is teach students that they should always walk with an adult or older person/sibling, why they need to practise safety when walking, the difference between a walker and traffic, how to cross the street safely, and what the traffic/pedestrian lights mean.

Grade 1, 2 3 Presentation (25 – 30 minutes)

Lesson Objectives: The objective of this lesson is teach students how to walk safely near traffic, where to cross the street, how to do so safely, how to read traffic/pedestrian lights and cross traffic circles/roundabouts.    Students will also learn about bike safety. 

Grade 4, 5, 6 Presentation (30 -35 minutes)

Lesson Objectives: The objective of this lesson is teach students how to walk safely near traffic, where to cross the street and how to do so safely, how to cross at roundabouts, and how to read street signs and traffic/pedestrian lights.   Students will also learn about bike safety and be encouraged to be safety role-models to younger students. 

La Ville d’Ottawa et le Conseil de sécurité d’Ottawa améliorent constamment leurs programmes et voient à leur réalisation continue afin d’augmenter le niveau de sécurité pour tous les piétons et automobilistes dans les zones scolaires. Notre devoir, en tant d’éducateurs, est de développer chez les élèves des compétences en matière de sécurité pour la vie. Nous sommes très heureux de commencer à offrir nos présentations sur la sécurité des piétons en français.

Ce programme gratuit prend la forme d’une présentation de 30 minutes animée par un francophone. Amusante, interactive et adaptée à l’âge des participants, la présentation recourt à des modèles fonctionnels de feux de circulation pour automobilistes et piétons, à des accessoires et à des jeux.

Les élèves des écoles élémentaires verront comment assurer leur sécurité à pied et à vélo, notamment lorsqu’il est question de traverser la rue. Voici les thèmes au menu :

·         L’importance de la sécurité à pied

·         Où et comment traverser la rue de façon sécuritaire

·         Signification des feux pour automobilistes et piétons

·         Comment devenir un modèle de sécurité pour les plus jeunes

·         Comment traverser un carrefour giratoire

·         La sécurité à vélo

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